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LOVOL Diesel Generator Sets

Our LOVOL diesel generators are powered by top-quality LOVOL diesel engines. LOVOL has established a good name thanks to their reliability and high-quality craftsmanship. Along with quality LOVOL diesel engines, we are choosing the best quality alternator like Stamford, generator control solutions like DSE/ComAp and custom-built material and spare parts to ensure that our diesel generators are there to support our customers with their business in any harsh environment.

LOVOL Diesel Generator Sets

Product Features

High-quality batteries built specifically for diesel generators with nano-formulation technology material, longer charge retention capacity.
Circuit Breaker
High-quality circuit breaker, safe-guarding your generators from damage caused by excess current from an overload or short circuit.
Engine Air Filter
High-quality air filter, with adequate air intake, will ensure our generators are reliable in the field and bring you stable power output.
Starter Motor
Original Perkins starter motor, built with quality in mind, will start the generators smoothly each and every time and ensure generators perform at its best in the long run.
Refueling Port
Ease-to-use refueling port, produced with quality material, strong sealing properties.
Soundproof Foam
Custom-built foam with strong ability of sound absorption, heat insulation, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, and water absorption.
Stamford Alternator
World-class Stamford alternator, buit with the world's leading alternator technology, portable size, light weight, durable performance.
Oil Pressure Sensor
Quality oil pressure sensors, designed to assist in engine control, and can be used to provide a visible warning to the operator when oil levels are low.
DSE Controller
UK-imported DSE generator controller, designed and manufactured by DSE industry leading experts to deliver rich features and benefits and provide outstanding performance.

Product Specification

HzPrime Power
Prime Power
Standby Power
Standby Power
Alternator ModelSilent Type Dimension
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